Whether the food is simple or high art, great flavor, healthy and innovative, are key in our work

fotos by Cristhian Pulgar

Food, the nordic way


photos by Cristhian Pulgar
36gr baked cured lax with asparagus oil and dijon microgreens
anise marinated melon with da serra da estrela vintage presunto

caipirinha ice-cream with frozen white chocolate Crème brûlée and fruit-dolmar
crayfish and salmon terrine on caviar emulsion

fresh cherries in jelly with white chocolate mousse and palet bretons.

smoked venison tartar with horseradish, tacos biscuits

chicken pâté with scallops and saffron and herb emulsion

fresh figs in wine glögg, pale bretons, and white chocolate and  pistachio nuts parfait
porco preto with apple puff pastry