Food as ambassador 2018/2017

22 bästa bilderna på kungafamiljen från Nobelfesten 2018

Vi har samlat de bästa bilderna från kvällen!

Tore Fredrik Wretman
Wretman var en av grundarna av Gastronomiska akademien och innehavare av dess tallrik nummer 9. Han utnämndes till hovtraktör 1963 och filosofie hedersdoktor 1986 samt tilldelades professors namn år 2000. Han är känd för sitt värnande om den svenska husmanskosten. Läs mer.


Telegraph   News

What’s on the menu at the Korean summit | Symbolism explained

Potato rösti Baked John Dory Sea cucumber dumplingsCharcoal-grilled beef Organic duck rice Naengmyeon Cold octopus saladWine & liquor Mango mousse

Said to be a favourite of Kim Jong-un from his teenage years studying in Switzerland, the fritters appear designed to bring back warm memories of more carefree days. Read the full story here.
Diplomatic and peaceful solution to denuclearize and reunify Korea is the only way to follow!
Jimmy Leon

  "Peace comes to all nations of the world"

"It's a wonderful time when you sit down around the table for dinner and discuss life. No matter where you are, it gives the semblance of normalcy to my crazy world" 
Melina Kanakaredes

Working dinner with Sweden Liberalerna

Renate Tegethoff Jobs(Ordförande Orsa  Liberalerna och Olle Jobs Gruppledare)

We are the party of the open doors, of the ideas that recognize that in unity, proposals are stronger and that we want true equality.

Från Portugal till Orsa

Orsa is Dalarna's best school municipality

Orsa municipality takes home the first place in the Swedish county Dalarna according to the Teacher Federation's latest ranking and The municipality is still climbing up.
In the whole of the Dalarna county, Orsa has reached 19 places and has made a big boost since last year: In 2016, Orsa was ranked 151 in the ranking.
"Goal awareness and long-term education in school development work will bring results. The great teachers and school leaders, managed to get the best in the county," says the teacher association chairman Johanna Jaara Åstrand in a press release.
 Read more

We don’t give up and now is the turn to Orsa gastronomy both locally and municipally that we will focus on too.

Monday, October 30, it was time to start with our food revolution.

Children’s food myth or reality.

Bildresultat för Michael Bäckman  Bildresultat för Michael Bäckman

We invited in Michael Bäckman, chef of the restaurant  Mättpunkten at  Annerstaskolan in Huddingen outside Stockholm. He came and lectured about the adults' roles, behaviours and values around the family food table, how it affects the food pleasure of our children. He will inspire and encourage curiosity for new tastes, varied and nutritious diets and a positive attitude towards food.

Annerstaskolans chef Michael Bäckman has been nominated for the category the best year cook at White Guide Junior for several years and has also won the prize in 2010. This year it was once again to get home the price.

Now he is calling for more schools and senior housing in Huddinge to compete. "We need to become more involved, persistent and  puts Huddinge on the map as a school and senior food municipality!" He says.

The jury's motivation  stated:
"For a unique knowledge, a never-ending energy and a great focus on raising the quality of school meals in their own kitchen as well as in public kitchens around the country. A better model for public gastronomy in Sweden is impossible to find! "

In Orsa

The plan was to hold courses for all kitchen staff divided into three days. This in order to have small groups with maximum efficiency. Same course content every day, though with small variations. On Monday, He also held two lectures. Partly one for school staff (15.30-17.30) and one for the public between 18.30-20.30.

On Tuesday we had also gathered all kitchen staff to a workshop between 15.30 and 17.30. The future vision was in focus.

more pics from our course, click here 

school and senior food don't need to be dull, it is important to have a balanced diet at home and at school.  Eat well today to live better tomorrow.
Jimmy Leon

If you have a passion for cooking and  success, continue to read Michael Bäckman Blogspot

Orsa Bear

Come to Orsa!!

Lunch at the Residence of the Swedish Ambassador in Lisbon with The

The National Day of Sweden at the Residence of the Swedish Ambassador in Lisbon.
Tuesday 6 June 2017

Enkel representation lunch 

Renstekt med wasabi pärlor och mayonäs på äpplet

Havsabborre med citron och morot bearnaise med primör broccoli
Ähnliches Foto
Vit chokladmousse glass på blåbärssoppa

Embassy Chefs Training Course in Stockholm
30 May-2 June 2016
 Swedish Restaurant Academy

The aims of the course, entertaining as a promotion tool and image of Sweden abroad linked with Swedish cuisine.


Table setting by Ms. Boel Lindbergh and Lotta Cronsjö

Sweden as a culinary nation-export
Magnus Svensson, BA in Culinary arts, Chef sommelier, author, food consultant, television chef and speaker and Creative Director at the RESTAURANT ADACEMY.

Inspiration Cooking

Active cooking, Swedish flavours and modern cookery by Magnus Albrektsson, with more than 20 years as a chef experience as a chef at Stockholms best restaurants including Tore Wretmans Riche and restaurant Leijontornet(one Michelin star) and sous chef at Lux Stockholm (one Michelin star).

Swedish products and ingredients

Baking course: Bread and Traditional Swedish pastries by Mattias Ljungberg, chef and owner of Tösse Bakery in Stockholm, Olympic Gold 2004 and 2012.

Swedish flavours in cocktail form 

Klas Lindberg, Chef of the year in 2012, Swedish professional cooking champion, Olympic Gold medalist with Swedish Culinary Team at the Culinary Olympics; in 2014 Klas had the great honour of being in charge of the Nobel Banquet.

It was a great privilege for me to attend this course. I would like to thank all the organizers in the name of myself and my colleagues for kindly inviting us to this important course to us and for the perfect organisation of the course and the event as a whole.
jimmy Leon

"Swedish food is much more than just iconic meatballs and chewy fish-shaped sweets.  Here are ten vital facts about Swedish food traditions.

Lunch to Per Tamm,
Ex  Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Sweden in Cape Verde

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Portugal, Dr Caroline Fleetwood introduced Dr Carlos Veiga into the office of the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Sweden in Cape Verde at a ceremony held 5th of May at Oasis Atlantico Praia Mar  Hotel in Praia City.

Newly appointed Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Sweden to Cape Verde signed the declaration and accepted the consular commission from H.E. Caroline Fleetwood, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Portugal.

The Ambassador and the new Consul

The new Consul, The Ambassador and The Minister

The evening falls down

Waiting for the guests to arrive

In collaboration with the Oasis Atlántico Praia Mar Hotel kitchen, The Swedish Embassy invited the guests to a Degustation Menu of Swedish classic specialties combined and presented in a typical Swedish Smörgåsbord. 

Chef Juan Carlos Guerra, Restaurant Chef, and Chef Jimmy Leon

Robinson Crusoe's Cape Verde: A Paradise to Be Explored |


16.08.2011 - Cape Verde, an Iberostar destination. A paradise to be explored: Surely those words crossed the mind of Robinson Crusoe, perhaps the most ...

A rainha Sílvia da Suécia esteve de passagem por Lisboa.
A monarca, de 73 anos, esteve na Madeira, no centro do Funchal, onde visitou o Hospício Princesa D. Amélia, obra de beneficência que apoia e onde se deslocou para inaugurar o novo edifício do lar de terceira idade.
De regresso à Suécia, numa paragem por Lisboa, a rainha quis jantar com o Presidente, segundo revelou Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa na apresentação de um livro do padre Anselmo Borges sobre o Papa Francisco, na Gulbenkian.
A rainha Sílvia, mulher do rei Carl Gustaf, é a mãe dos príncipes: Vitória, Princesa Herdeira, Carlos Filipe, Duque de Varmlândia e Madalena, Duquesa de Hälsingland e Gästrikland.

SIC Notícias | Rainha Sílvia inaugurou lar de idosos no Funchal

vor 7 Tagen
Rainha Sílvia da Suécia inaugurou esta terça-feira, no Funchal, um lar de idosos do Hospício Princesa D ...

Rainha da Suécia janta com Marcelo em Belém - Renascença


Diese Seite übersetzen
vor 7 Tagen - rainha Sílvia da Suécia está de passagem por Lisboa e quis encontrar-se com o Presidente da República. A revelação foi feita pelo próprio ..

Chef Jimmy Leon with the Queen of Sweden at the residence of the Swedish Ambassador to Portugal

Industri Middag

Marcelo Montes

Pianist Marcelo Montes och Ambassadör Caroline Fleetwood

Chef Jimmy Leon with Marcelo Montes

Photos by Cristhian Pulgar

Privat Middag för Ulf och Lena Adelsohn

Photos by Cristhian Pulgar
Chef Jimmy Leon with Ulf and Lena Adelsohn and The Ambassador Couple

Mulheres na Diplomacia
em debate no ISCSP
O Presidente da República presidiu à Sessão de Abertura do Seminário “Mulheres na Diplomacia” que decorreu na Aula Magna Adriano Moreira do Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas - ISCSP
10 DE OUTUBRO 2016

Layout and design by Cristhian Pulgar

The Hundred-Foot Journey


Lars Sven "LasseHallström (Swedish: [ˈla.ˈsɛ ˈhal.ˈstrœm]; born 2 June 1946) is a Swedish film director. He first became known for directing almost all music videos by pop group ABBA, and subsequently became a feature film director. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director for My Life as a Dog (Mitt liv som hund) (1985) and later for The Cider House Rules (1999). His other celebrated directorial works include What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) and Chocolat (2000). .Read more

The Film

The Hundred-Foot Journey is a 2014 American comedy-drama film directed by Lasse Hallström from a screenplay written by Steven Knight, adapted from Richard Morais' 2010 novel of the same name. The film stars Helen MirrenOm PuriManish Dayal and Charlotte Le Bon and tells the story of a feud between two adjacent restaurants in a French town: one operated by a recently relocated Indian family and the other, a lofty Michelin-starred restaurant.

Dinner at the Swedish Residence on the occasion of the Symbio Care seminar

2016 Happenings

Svensk-portugisiska Handelskammaren 

Photos by Cristhian Pulgar

Farewell Dinner for HE the Ambassador of Norway

Ove and Anne Egge Thorsheim

Photos by Cristhian Pulgar

Dinner in Honor of HE the Ambassador 

Luisa Bastos de Almeida 

Photos by Cristhian Pulgar

Nordic Lunch at the Swedish Residence with the President of PSD and  Primer Minister of Portugal, in office from 2011-2015, Dr Pedro Passos Coelho.

Bildergebnis für michelin stars

2017 MICHELIN STARS IN PORTUGAL Nine new Michelin Stars in Portugal for 2017!

Read more at: http://portugalconfidential.com/2017-michelin-stars-in-portugal/

Swedish dishes at the residens of the Swedish Ambassador,Portugal

Utrikesminister Margot Wallström besökte Lissabon den 21 november

161121, Utrikesminister Wallström ..
Utrikesminister Margot Wallström besökte den 21 november Lissabon för samtal med president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, utrikesminister Augusto Santos Silva samt FN:s tillträdande...

Visit of the Secretary of State for Digitalization,

Alf Karlsson7-9 November 2016 in connection with the Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon.

Every Field and Sphere of Thought in One Place
Web Summit has become “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace”, a crossroads for the world’s largest buyers and sellers of technology, alongside many of the world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies.

It’s not just Europe’s largest companies that will be at Web Summit, but over 7,000 CEOs from companies of all sizes and industries learning about what new software and hardware can transform their businesses. For the first time, they’ll be joined by leading academics, those at the forefront of tech and business worlds, cultural icons, and influencers, and key global leaders to tackle the world’s most pressing issues

Reception with light buffet dinner at the Swedish residence with the Minister for Science, technology and Higher Education--TBC. Presentation of the Swedish Company Catalogue.

The Reception

Photos by Cristhian Pulgar

Photos by Cristhian Pulgar

Photos by Cristhian Pulgar


"Follow up" Lunch for the workgroup of the conference “Women and Diplomacy”, at the Swedish Residence
4th of November 2016

Photos by Cristhian Pulgar

Swedish Embassy Gastronomy excursion

This year the excursion will take us to Alentejo, to Herdade do Freixo do Meio.
This farm is a venture of organic farming, a project that was started in the 1990s, focusing on the efficient use of natural resources, eco-features, waste reduction, process efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint and transition to a post-carbon era. The organic farming is practiced in full since 201 across the farms eco-system. The main function of the farm Freixo do Meio is the production of food. They produce of all the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet with a few exceptions such as milk and fish. The freixo do Meio brand differentiates itself by offering a variety of food productions produced, processed and distributed by a single institution. More than 150 different food products are sold in local markets.
Olive oil,olives,rice,beef,turkey,lamb,goat,pig,chicken,rooster,tradicional saucesges,ham and dried meats,pates,meat products, wild mushrooms,cereals,fresh,dried and preserved vegetable,eggs,pine nuts, flour and biscuits-based Acorn, bread,soap,cork,wood ctc. For more information here below. 

Organic farming is a mode of production of animals and plant that does not employ chemical synthesis or genetically modified organisms and aims to minimize the generation of negative environmental impacts on nature. The Advantages are:

Reduces the number of toxic chemicals in our food and therefore have a positive effect on our health;
     • Employ methods that reduce the level of nitrogen used which improves the quality of water supplies;
     • Power protection of the rural environment;
     • It improves soil quality;
     • Creates ecologically balanced habitats;
     • Reduce the level of environmental impacts enhancing the sustainable development of farms.

We had for lunch a Cozido à Portuguesa which is a ceramic pot that is heated beside a wooden fire. The pot contains different vegetables and different kind of meat and it cooks around 2 hours, first the vegetables and then the meat.

This kind of cooking reminds me of my sweet home together with my mother, where she taught me the secret of cooking; and it was to cook clean and fresh and to widely respect the mother nature who is the one that provides us with all what we need to survive.

My cooking philosophy is the simple cooking of the food, respecting the products used in order to provide real nourishment both to the body and to the soul. Organic food has more of the antioxidant compounds linked to better health than regular food and tends to improve soil quality and the conservation of groundwater. Our garden at the Swedish Ambassador residence is a type of eating garden where most of the things that we cultivate are edible.Flowers, herbs, fruit trees.It is just wonderful to go out from my kitchen at the residence and pick up something fresh to use it in my daily cooking.
Jimmy Leon
Ecological farming in Sweden 

Photo by Cristhian Pulgar

Lunch at the Swedish Ambassador residence with the honourable visit of 

Corps Consulaire en Suède (CC) was established in 1931 in Stockholm as a non-profit association to serve the interests of the honorary consuls of foreign countries in Sweden.  The mission of CC is to represent the consular corps towards the authorities and national organizations in Sweden read more

The Lunch menu was

Déjeuner du Groupe la Gastronomie Francophone

Svensk Damtidningen visits Lisbon 
and makes an interview with the Swedish Ambassador, Caroline Fleetwood.

Summer Lunch at the Residence of the Swedish Ambassador, Caroline Fleetwood To Jennifer Ekström(Project Manager & Trade Commissioner to Portugal Lisbon) and Hans-Erhard Reiter (President CLS).


 Business Sweden's purpose is to help every Swedish company to reach its full international potential and help companies abroad to reach their potential by investing in Sweden. We offer our customers strategic advice and hands-on support.
Business Sweden is owned by the Swedish Government and the industry, a partnership that provides access to contacts and networks at all levels. Business Sweden was founded on the first of January, 2013, by a merger of the Swedish Trade Council (Exportrådet) and Invest Sweden.

The main objective of the Swedish Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon (CLS) is to promote business for members through activities in accordance with the interchange and mutual knowledge between the Swedish and Portuguese business communities.

Farewell Dinner for the leaving Ambassadors of Finland Outi and Pekka Holopainen

Photo by Cristhian Pulgar


Photo by Cristhian Pulgar

Culinary Diplomacy Make Food Not War

People always come together around food. As peoples move, they bring their foods with them. As cultures come into contact in the kitchen and dining room, a new sort of cultural diplomacy emerges that promotes the sharing of values, traditions, and worldviews through food. This new soft power can effectively bridge conflicts, at times more effectively than normal diplomacy. History has proven that national cuisines have spread organically around the world. Spreading culinary traditions, through state and non-state actors, as a way of sharing values, culture and tradition has been called cultural diplomacy, or gastrodiplomacy. Recently, this form of diplomacy has become popular and has proven to be an effective way of bringing together people in conflict.

This discussion explored how governments, organizations, and individuals are working to bring cultures together through food. As a new and understudied field, how can this tool of diplomacy be used more broadly in conflict resolution? How can gastrodiplomacy provide a greater impact on citizen-to-citizen interaction? As a growing field, who are emerging as leaders, and how can individuals play a role in diplomacy?

photos by Cristhian Pulgar

Threats to peace and our security averted best if we work together and cooperate together in the community with other countries and organizations. Sweden's foreign and security policy is based on cohesion in the EU and increased cooperation on a broad front: In the Nordic and Baltic region, together with Finland, the UN and the OSCE, NATO and through a strengthened transatlantic link. Dialogue and confidence-building measures are essential instruments for stability and detente.

Lunch at the residence with 

Anna Bergström

Advisor / International Affairs, Mayors Office, Lisbon

Anna Bergström

Pickled herring with wasabi cream - dill and cucumber oil and caviar butter

Reindeer fillet with goji sauce, carrots cooked crumbs and chervil
Clafoutis of strawberries with sour cream, caramelized strawberries and custard sauce(separated)

The National Day of Sweden at the Residence of the Swedish Ambassador
Monday 6 June 2016

The Diplomats 

The musicians

some of the guests

Cristina Xavier Paleta

Cristhian Pulgar, our lovely photographer

Fotos by Cristhian Pulgar

Nature nature without additives, a return to traditional farming
To buy and use organic products is already becoming a form of lifestyle. Many families now worry about buying good quality products to consume. Every day there are more and more organic products in supermarkets, and every day more and more organically grown products stores flower. Because of my Venezuelan roots-in my family there was not going to supermarkets but to the farmers market where they had fresh vegetables, meat, and fish, that is why in my kitchen most of the food that I use is organic that  means  cooking with the cleanest ingrediences I can find. I strongly believe that chances are very good that organic food, on the whole, is more nutritious than chemically grown food. And I believe that Organic Food is the fastest growing segment in the western world. Gastronomy is a constantly changing world, light meals and the use of organic products are here to stay.


The royal couple, after passing through town, has arrived at the City Hall where it is time for lunch. And there is, of course, a super menu. Below you can see it, direct photographed by the reporter on the scene, Ellen Myrgård


 Lunch at the Swedish residence with the H.E. Health Minister Dr. Adalberto Campos Fernandes as a guest the honour.
The Swedish Ambassador to Portugal, Mrs. Caroline Fleetwood, receives Mr. Adalberto Campos Fernandes, Minister of Health of Portugal, and other delegates from the Ministry of Health, together with Business Sweden at the Residence in Lisbon

"Diplomatic lunches and dinners require precision and detailed planning"

Foto by http://www.portugal.gov.pt/

Adalberto Campos Fernandes was born in Lisbon in 1958. He is Doctorate in Health Administration from the University of Lisbon, Master in Public Health, Administration of Health Services, by the New University of Lisbon, graduated in Medicine from the University of Lisbon.
 Read more 

Learn How to Read a Wine Bottle From An Expert Sommelier

Cedric Nicaise, Wine Director at Eleven Madison Park, explains.

Lunch at the residence with Henrik Brandão Jönsson. Dagens Nyheter´s correspondent in Latin America. He lives in Rio de Janeiro since 2002 and he also writes for Sydsvenska.

He has won the Swedish television award for the best investigative program and was nominated for the Swedish Grand Journalism Award.
Read more about him

"Most people are living better lives than ever before. But gender equality is still a vision, not a reality. Sweden´s feminist government wants to make this vision a reality

International Women's Day, a holiday celebrated worldwide, is an important date that pays attention to the equal rights that should exist between men and women all over the world—to the importance of their work and participation in society. Despite many successes in empowering women, numerous issues still exist in all areas of life and in all the countries of the worlds including the most advanced ones.
To celebrate this important day, The Swedish Ambassador Caroline Fleetwood offered a lunch to all the women ambassadors accredited in Portugal and with a guest of honour Ambassador 
Margareta Winberg
Bildergebnis für MARGARETA WINBERG
 "Winberg held various ministerial posts in the Third cabinet of Ingvar Carlsson andCabinet of Göran Persson from 1994 to 2003 and was Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden from 2002 to 2003.[1] She was Minister for Agriculture from 1994 to 1996 and again from 1998 to 2002, Minister for Labour from 1996 to 1998, and in addition, held the position of Minister for Gender Equality from 1998 to 2003"

fotos by Cristhian Pulgar

Women ambassadors with Portugal President at the Palace of Belem

Fotos presidencia.pt

Speech of The Swedish Ambassador to the President of Portugal on behalf of the Women ambassador as representative.

New Swedish Honorary Consulate in Funchal

The Design Center

In collaboration with the Design Center`s kitchen, The Swedish Embassy invited the guests to a Degustation Menu of both Swedish and Madeira specialities combined and presented in a typical Swedish Smörgåsbord. 

In the name of myself, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miguel Laffan and all the staff that participated in this event and made it to be a true success. My special thanks go to the Head chef  Damien Scelles and Cristina Lagoa and of course, to all the well-trained professional cooks that assisted me and helped this event to be a success. Thank you, folks.
Damien and Cristina

Thank you!